Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SOUP in January

JANUARY is right around the corner and what a great time to enjoy soup and explore the months of the year!

No better book for celebrating both than Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak.

Combine Sendak's words with the singer/songwriter talent of Carole King (a voice that was a huge part of the soundtrack of my childhood) and you get I'm Really Rosie a record which included Chicken Soup With Rice in song. By the time I was my daughter's age, I had read, listened, and sung them both a million times.

Of course we have the book, but (despite still having a record player to play it) had long ago given the album away to a little girl I met named Rosie. So I was beside myself with joy while Christmas shopping for Zoe this year to find the Maurice Sendak Scholastic Video CD Collection (which includes 4 songs off the Really Rosie album, including Chicken Soup with Rice!!) Words, song, AND artwork come together in the best $5.99 ever spent! My favorite gift to my daughter this Christmas.

Easy to sing and engaging rhyme means fun for all ages. So whether you remember it or not, please turn up the volume and enjoy reading, singing, and rhyming about the months of the year to Chicken Soup With Rice!

And then go have some warm soup...

Peace and love to all this holiday season!


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