Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love You, Sun, I Love You, Moon

I love you, stars.
I love you, water.
I love you, wolf.
I love you, moon.

The simple structure of this book will have you hooked the very first time you read it.

Read it very, very slowly before nap or bedtime. Or read it chorally and pause to talk about the topics that interest you.

We love this book and think you will too...

Some of our favorite act-along moments after first reading once through, uninterrupted:

Sun - rise and set your sun overhead.
Sheep - learn sign for sheep, make sheep sound.
Wind/Tree - make wind sound while bending your tree branch arms.
Bird - learn sign, fly like a bird, balance like a flamingo.
Fish - sign, breath like a fish, opening and closing your gills.
Flower - be a flower growing from a seed.
Rabbit - sign and talk about how they can't move their feet separately but have to jump everywhere they go, jump like a rabbit.
Stars - shine stars above head and sing Twinkle
Wolf - learn sign and howl like a wolf.
Moon - sing a moon song, rise and set moon over head.

Have fun reading and being!