Monday, November 22, 2010

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You

Thanks Dan, Dawn, Anna, Grandma Gigi and Cassandra for being a "voice" with me this month!

This unique book "in two voices" uses traditional reading techniques - rhyme, rhythm, and repetition - to invite young children to read along with an adult. Featuring childlike themes such as friendship, family, and pets, and full of clever wordplay and humor, this book is a unique celebration of the joys of reading together. --from the blurb

Yes, the joys of reading together!

I like puppies.
I like kittens.
I like gloves.
And I like mittens.
I like apples.
I like pears.
I like tigers.
I like BEARS.
I like to slide.
I like to swing.
We don't agree on anything!

How great it is when they discover...

There's something else I like a lot.
But if I like it, you will not.
There's something else that I like, too.
But you won't like it if I do.
Tell me yours and I'll tell mine.
I like reading. Reading's fine!
You like reading?
Yes, I do.
Why, reading was what I picked, too!
Well, then, at last
We both agree!
I'll read to you!
You'll read to me!

Monday, November 1, 2010

BEAR With Me

Dearest Storytimers,

My sincerest apology for missing last week!

I've never had to cancel the morning-of like that. When I called to let Susie know, she assured me that everyone would understand. Still, the thought of people getting the little ones ready and out the door for books and such and then me not being there! So sorry.

But, as I said to Audra when I ran into her today at the library, I know if there is ANY group of people that would understand me needing to be home with my child, it is all of you! Audra then conveyed that, although I was missed last week, everyone seemed content eating treats and being together, which of course makes me so happy to hear! So just a final thanks to everyone for BEARing with me on this.

Having said that... November is BEAR month! Inspired by my work at the zoo, I'm excited to share some fun bear facts with you.

So, as the seasons change and the earth slows down for winter, let's learn and read about the slumbering animal we know and love, the BEAR!