Monday, September 28, 2009

Twenty-Four FEET!

Up in the air feet
Over a chair feet
More and more feet
Twenty-four feet...

- Dr.Seuss, The Foot Book

It was fun counting 24 feet with you each week this month!

All the marching, stomping, tapping, jumping, balancing, tracing, turning...I will miss September!

Photo courtesy of Robyn Beckley Vining, Ticklebugs Photography. Don't miss more of her photos that she graciously allowed me to post in my gallery. Thanks, Robyn!

Little Red Caboose

How fun it was to gather in front of the Little Red Store to celebrate the return of the Tosa Farmers Market with all of you!

We read Market Days by local author Lois Ehlert. We sang "Going to the Market," our own version of Raffi's "Going on a Picnic". We enjoyed an energetic round of "Hokey Pokey," and practiced our counting with the "Here is a Beehive" finger play in honor of the honey vendor. There was a honey vendor, right?

And then, how exciting and dramatic when a train came through right in the middle of our HAPPY HOUR! Nancy was ready with Little Red Caboose! We formed a train of our own and chugged in circle as we sang this infectious song together.

What I liked the most was the opportunity to see many moms and dads together! I love Saturday gatherings, and I can't wait for next year's weekly market at this location, my new favorite spot in our village!

Monday, September 21, 2009

TOSA Farmers Market!

"Going to the market,
Leaving right away...
If it doesn't rain,
we'll stay all day!"

This Saturday, September 26th, down in the Village, below the Harmonee Bridge, in front of the Little Red Store, we'll be having a special storytime as part of the TOSA FARMERS MARKET Kick-off event!

This one day harvest festival will create awareness for the weekly market coming next year. There will be farm vendors and lots of friends and neighbors coming out to show their support for the long awaited market in our community!

The festivities run from 8am to noon, but join us at 10am in front of the store for what's sure to be a great time!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sweet FEET!

Maybe it's Robyn Beckley Vining's fun photos of our storytime feet... Maybe it's the afternoon I spent with Nancy singing the Hokey Pokey... "You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out..." Maybe it's related to my exhaustive search for the perfect pair of back-to-school shoes for my child! Whatever the reason, this month we're celebrating FEET!

We'll READ:

NEW SHOES, RED SHOES by Susan Rollings
READY, SET, SKIP! by Jane O'Connor
ONE, TWO, ONE PAIR! by Bruce McMillan
FEET by Dana Meachen Rau
JUMP! by Steve Lavis
A PAIR OF SOCKS by Stuart Murphy
HELLO SHOES! by Joan Blos
HOW DO I PUT IT ON? by Shigeo Watanabe
TINY TOES by Donna Jakob
I WENT WALKING by Sue Williams
BABY SHOES by Dashka Slater

We'll SING:

KNEES UP MOTHER BROWN (I know this is not specifically about feet, but we sure do a lot of foot stomping when we sing it!)

THE HOKEY POKEY (at least we had one week of this with Nancy!)



Two little feet go TAP, TAP, TAP!
Two little hands go CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!
A quick little leap up from the CHAIR...
Two little arms reach high in the AIR.
Two little feet go JUMP, JUMP, JUMP!
Two little hands go THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!
One little body turns round and ROUND...
One little child sits quietly DOWN.

I'm also working out the details for an interesting foot-related storytime visitor to close out the month! Stay tuned for details...