Monday, February 2, 2009

Love and Friendship

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." - Unknown

This February, we'll celebrate LOVE and FRIENDSHIP! What an exciting theme for our group considering there always seems to be so much of both in the room every Tuesday morning!

We'll read...

Will You Be My Friend? by Nancy Tafuri
Only You by Robin Cruise
Somethings Go Together by Charlotte Zolotow
My Bear and Me by Barbara Maitland
Mommy Loves Her Baby/Daddy Loves His Baby by Tara Jaye Morrow
What Grandmas Do Best/What Grandpas Do Best by Laura Numeroff
I Love You As Much by Laura Krauss Melmed
Animal Daddies and My Daddy by Barbara Shook Hazen
Corduroy by Don Freeman
I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson

We'll sing...

Besides our counting song, we'll have fun substituting different names of our friends in this song. Does anyone else remember this fun one from childhood?

"Move Over and Make Room"
Move over and make room for ____,
He/She doesn't take very much space,
Since ____ is one of our very best friends
We surely can find him/her a place!

Our February Fingerplay...
"Heart Shape" (more of a whole-body slow stretch than a fingerplay)
My hands are on my heart. This is where I'll start...
Up and out...around and down.
Now make the point right on the ground!
Now bring them back out...up and in.
Back on my heart, right under my chin!

We'll also learn/practice how to say "I love you" in sign language.

Finally, we'll have plenty of books for you and your child to choose from for one-on-one reading after our whole-group session.

Looking forward to warming up in February with everyone!


Anonymous said...

This blog gives me great ideas of books/songs and fun/CREATIVE activities to do with my children. Thanks soo much!!! I'll definitely be tuning into this amazing informative website!@
You go girl!
love it!

Irene McGoldrick said...


I am here with Arthur. And he wants you to know he liked the rubbing and the clapping at Storytime.

You have an amazing energy with the children.