Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Orangutans doze in a bed of leaves.
Lions sleep wherever they please.
Sharks rest with eyes open wide.
Black bears go into dens and hide.
-- Sweet Dreams: How Animals Sleep by Kimiko Kajikawa

I love the fun rhymes and great photography in this week's featured book, but it's all the interesting facts about how animals sleep that make this one of my favorite bedtime reads!
"A shark doesn't sleep like we do. It never closes its eyes to rest. Instead, it goes through resting cycles where it slows down its movements. The wide-eyed shark remains aware of sights, smells, and sounds, so it does not miss possible food, mates, or predators."
It's fun to pretend to be a sleeping shark with eyes open wide!
And did you know that horses don't dream??? "Because dreaming requires muscle movement...and a standing horse can't move its legs when it sleeps, it can't dream." Fascinating stuff.
So join us this week to learn more about animal sleeping habits!
We'll also practice how humans prepare for sleep with this bedtime fingerplay from last week...
Are you ready? It's time for BED.
Fluff up the pillows.
Lay down your HEAD.
Pull up the covers.
Tuck them in TIGHT!
Now close your eyes,
and sleep allllll NIGHT.

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