Monday, September 21, 2009

TOSA Farmers Market!

"Going to the market,
Leaving right away...
If it doesn't rain,
we'll stay all day!"

This Saturday, September 26th, down in the Village, below the Harmonee Bridge, in front of the Little Red Store, we'll be having a special storytime as part of the TOSA FARMERS MARKET Kick-off event!

This one day harvest festival will create awareness for the weekly market coming next year. There will be farm vendors and lots of friends and neighbors coming out to show their support for the long awaited market in our community!

The festivities run from 8am to noon, but join us at 10am in front of the store for what's sure to be a great time!

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Irene McGoldrick said...


Great seeing you this morning. Have fun Sat. morning. Maybe I will see you as I walk by.