Monday, October 26, 2009


"Wait! Wait! Let me look at this child." A bat pushed through the crowd...sniffing Stellaluna's fur, she whispered, "You are Stellaluna. You are my baby." My favorite moment from Stellaluna by Janell Cannon.

Although this book is too lengthy for us to enjoy in our whole group setting, I'm glad to see that the little ones are enjoying picture-walking through Stellaluna. Such great illustrations of the beautiful animal that is the fruit bat!

Thanks to the Tervoorts for sharing this photo from storytime.


beckley said...

i'm bummed i'm going to miss you guys in the morning- two weeks in a row! with all this rain, i've got shoots all over the place.

i haven't told belle yet. she's going to be s-a-d.

next week...

tuesdays at ten said...

hey, beckley! we bat/owl hokey pokeyed last week and i was missin my belle! "you put your right wing in..." i miss her crazy mama, too! re: shoots, at first i thought you were speaking in metaphor until i caught a glimpse of my day lillies today! fingers crossed on seein ya next week:)