Monday, December 14, 2009


He liked his new hat and wore it even while he ate dinner.

During dessert, he thought of something. "What about our friends?" he asked. "Shouldn't we make hats for them, too? We could give them as Christmas presents!"

This holiday season, get lost in the illustrations of this warm, wonderful story of a mother and son rabbit who secretly measure and make hats for their animals friends. Each hat is cleverly crafted for the individual traits of each creature...

The goose's hat will have a long scarf that wraps around her neck. The horse's hat should be part blanket so he can sleep in the snow. And the dog's hat must have an extra-long tail that looks pretty when it blows in the wind.

After a very special presentation of the gifts in the town market, the first snowflake falls. Mother and son know they must return home before the blizzard. On the sled ride home, rabbit has a sudden realization...

"Oh, no!" he said. "Tomorrow is Christmas, and I forgot to make a present for you, Mother."

His mother squeezed him tight.

"Little Rabbit," she said, "being with you is the best gift of all."

What beautiful messages to share with your little one this holiday season... that giving IS better than receiving, that handmade presents really ARE extra special, and that time together truly IS the greatest gift.

Wishing everyone lots of snuggly reading and crafting time together this holiday season!

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