Monday, November 22, 2010

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You

Thanks Dan, Dawn, Anna, Grandma Gigi and Cassandra for being a "voice" with me this month!

This unique book "in two voices" uses traditional reading techniques - rhyme, rhythm, and repetition - to invite young children to read along with an adult. Featuring childlike themes such as friendship, family, and pets, and full of clever wordplay and humor, this book is a unique celebration of the joys of reading together. --from the blurb

Yes, the joys of reading together!

I like puppies.
I like kittens.
I like gloves.
And I like mittens.
I like apples.
I like pears.
I like tigers.
I like BEARS.
I like to slide.
I like to swing.
We don't agree on anything!

How great it is when they discover...

There's something else I like a lot.
But if I like it, you will not.
There's something else that I like, too.
But you won't like it if I do.
Tell me yours and I'll tell mine.
I like reading. Reading's fine!
You like reading?
Yes, I do.
Why, reading was what I picked, too!
Well, then, at last
We both agree!
I'll read to you!
You'll read to me!

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