Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for BIRD

"I hear birds singing through the open window."
-from Birds, By Kevin Henkes

Spring is the perfect time of year to break out this book!

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 3rd at 10am, please join us at the Little Red Store for a storytime about BIRDS.

Let's celebrate our feathered friends and fellow vertebrates. We will read, sing, rhyme, and count all things birds: eggs, nests, feathers, and beaks. B is for BEAK!

B is also for BUNNIES... a fun time to review the comparison that MAMMALS HAVE FUR while BIRDS HAVE FEATHERS. Also a great segue to let you know that Sarah is baking Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies!

Wiggle your noses if you love to eat carrots like a bunny? Can you balance like a bird? Have you noticed all the bunnies and birds outside lately? They are fun to watch. What else can you think of that starts with the letter B?

Also, if you are in the midst of spring cleaning and come across some unmatched mittens or gloves (child or adult), please bring them along to repurpose into an easy-to-make BIRD/BUNNY CRAFT to bring home!

Finally, as we transition from mammals to birds this month, let us also remember and pay tribute to beloved storytime regular, devoted grandmother, zoo class enthusiast, and bird lover, Grandma Jan, who recently made her own transition. I was blessed to have her as my friend and faithful fan.

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