Monday, June 29, 2009


"Now he wasn't hungry any more — and he wasn't a little caterpillar any more. He was a big, fat caterpillar."
--The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Last week, it really was all about the caterpillars! And talk about a HANDS-ON experience...

Heather's little green friends truly stole the show! Once she introduced them, there was no returning to "the originally scheduled program."

But that didn't matter, because instead what evolved was a sea of children gathered close, sharing in the experience of REAL LIVE CATERPILLARS! They watched them, pointed at them, touched them, even gently squeezed them a little (how can you not?!). A room full of wide eyes and anxious hands!

So although Heather never had a chance to read her book or share more information, everyone DID have a chance to witness first-hand just how beautiful and fascinating luna moth caterpillars are!

And what an interesting fact she shared that Eric Carle's caterpillar was actually modelled after the luna moth caterpillar!

It was fun learning and practicing with our bodies some of the differences between moths and butterflies that she taught us:

Moth antennae are fanned (open fingers), whereas butterfly antennae are clubbed (closed fists). When moths are resting, their wings are spread (arms out). Butterflies rest with their wings up and closed (elbows and hands together).

We learned a new song/fingerplay about caterpillars (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle):

Little Arabella Miller (hands cupped together)
Found a wooly caterpillar. (open hands)
First it crawled upon her mother. (crawl fingers up arm)
Then upon her baby brother. (crawl up other arm)
All said, "Arabella Miller! (point finger)
Take away that caterpillar!!! (wave hands away)

A huge thanks to Heather and her caterpillars from the Blue Bungalow for the memorable morning they gave us!

And a big thanks to Robyn Beckley Vining of Ticklebugs Photography for capturing this photo from our very special time together!


beckley said...

first set:

these are black and whites and i have no idea how to peruse them. i usually use a mac gallery...but here they are :)
others are uploading now. there's a lot, so it will take a little while...

beckley said...
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beckley said...

second set... they are in a strange order and i'll attempt to fix that soon...

for flickr users, my account is listed under robyn. beckley vining (no period- just trying to keep that out of google search engine).

beckley said...

so it seems i have too many uploads- i'm limited to 200 so i just lost the first 20 of the black and whites, which were the best ones. trying to fix this now...ahh!! :)

tuesdays at ten said...

Hey, Beckley! I had a problem following your previously posted link, so I'm trying it again...

To see Robyn's BLACK & WHITE perspective of her day at storytime, copy & paste this link in your browser:

tuesdays at ten said...

Apparently, the flickr link doesn't work as a posted comment!

Instead, I'll post a link to Robyn's photos of this day under GALLERY LINKS off to the left. See CRANKY AL'S SETS on her flickr page.

Thanks again, Robyn! So fun to see what you see :)