Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Vacation

Tuesdays at Ten will be on summer break for the month of July. We will return to business as usual on Tuesday, August 4th. In the meantime, enjoy whatever SUMMER brings your way: swimming pools, sandboxes, parks, playgrounds, the zoo, the beach...and BOOKS, of course!


happy hour said...

"We were camping this week at Pike Lake State Park in Hartford. It was our first time with the girls and it was fantastic! We stayed in a tent, hiked for miles and ate food cooked over the old campfire for every meal!"
- Bonnie, via email

happy hour said...

"We had a great holiday, we had 21 of our family members to our campsite in Wild Rose Wisconsin, a fun time! I am leaving with my family for Poulsbo, Washington next Friday. I rented a house on the water for a week." -- Darla, via email

Anonymous said...

Bonnie and Darla, your summer trips sound fantastic!! We'll be back at storytime one of these Tuesdays to catch up. Enjoy the rest of your summer! Miss all of you guys.

-Susan and Nile